Ugrib is a free application that allows access to global weather data
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Ugrib is a freeware application that allows instant access to global weather data.
Through the interface you can download and view weather data on your desktop.

Grib is the format that the meteorological institutes around the world use to transport and manipulate weather data. This is the base of the forecasts we see around us in our daily life.

In order to download the program, you need to register for free in the site. Otherwise, you won´t see the download link. Once registered, you will receive an activation link by email. Clicking on that link will empower you to download the program.

The interface shows you a World Map. You can define an area by pressing and dragging the mouse over it. Then, you will be able to download the GRIB file with the data pertaining to that area.

The first time you download a data file, the program will ask you an email address, in order to validate your login. You will have to setup the download folder prior to downloading anything.

Once the grib file is downloaded, you can see the weather information of the area you selected. If there is any animation available, you will be able to watch it choosing the Animation button.

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